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Welcome to the tournament in category Challenger!

326 best Czech and world badminton players will participate in the LI-NING International Badminton Tournament Czech Badminton Open in Brno, the capital of south Moravia, between 27th and 30th September. You can´t miss it, take your part !

Brno shares truly big passion for badminton. More than 1 500 registrated and thousands of badminton hobby players will confirm it to you while having beer together at night. You must experience the lively atmosphere of Jacob´s Square and visit local renowned cafes, restaurants and bars which got in the view finder of New York Times reporters.

People from Brno will be happy to explain you why Brno takes leading positions in rankings of the best places to live. Far higher than metropolis such as London, Los Angeles or Brussels.

The event is organised by SK Brno Slatina in cooperation with MEDIA AGE s.r.o. with support of the statutory city Brno, JMK and MŠMT.


Sport hall Vodova
Vodova 108
61200 Brno, Czech Republic
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The Championships comprises of the following number of entries in the main tournament:
Men's Singles (MS) 32
Women's Singles (WS) 32
Men's Doubles (MD) 24
Women'sDoubles (WD) 24
Mixed Doubles (XD) 24

The number of players in/from the qualification is subject to the final number of entries.

Tournament Winners

Referees (PDF)

PRIZE MONEY - € 17,900 ($20,000)

Player’s prize money will be taxed with 15% according to the Czech tax law and paid out in EUR according to the official exchange rate valid on June 19th 2017(date of issue of this invitation).

The Organizer shall pay the prize money cash during the closing ceremony. The prize money will be awarded only to those players who attend the closing ceremony.